Case Study: Reggie’s Fractured Face

Case Study: Reggie’s Fractured Face

Meet Reggie! Reggie is a 20-year-old Warmblood gelding that presented in early February for a facial laceration. On examination at the clinic, we found he had a maxillary bone (upper jaw) fracture at the site of the laceration that had displaced into his maxillary...
Veterinarian Performs Dental Float on a Horse

Winter Dental Special!

Get $40 off per horse for all dental exams with equilibrations / floats performed at the clinic through the end of February 2024.

The appointment includes a head-to-hoof wellness exam, comprehensive oral exam, and nutritional consultation. (Our average dental exam and treatment cost is $168, plus an office visit charge and sedation.) Discount is available for haul-in appointments only.

Please schedule now to reserve your appointment by emailing or calling the clinic at (541) 388-4006.

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