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Stallion handling, mare care, and assisted reproductive technology service

We offer a full range of horse breeding and assisted reproduction technology (ART) services for both mares and stallions, including:

  • Stallion training, handling, and collection
  • Artificial insemination
  • Embryo transfer
  • Frozen semen storage
  • Stallion breeding soundness exams
  • Mare breeding soundness exams
  • Broodmare boarding and foaling services

For stallion management, our experienced team of veterinarians and technicians can collect semen from your stallion and ship it anywhere in North America. Our facility features a safe, enclosed breeding shed with a teasing wall and breeding phantom for stallion collection.

We recommend an initial chilled semen test trial panel for stallions entering our breeding program to determine the appropriate antibiotic to use in the semen extender and what cooling period best suits the stallion. Samples from one or two ejaculates are processed and cooled for 48 hours, so we can evaluate longevity/motility at 12, 24, and 48 hours. Once the stallion’s semen longevity is known, our veterinarians can determine the best semen shipping method.

We also offer semen freezing services for stallion owners wishing to store semen indefinitely or ship frozen semen internationally. Frozen semen is stored in liquid nitrogen tanks at -196 degrees Celsius and can be kept at our facility for a monthly storage fee or shipped anywhere in the world.

Mares can either be brought to our facility for breeding, or we can perform ambulatory on-farm breeding services. We also offer mare-and-foal care and boarding at our facility for a reduced rate.

In addition to normal reproductive services, we offer specialized treatments such as deep horn insemination, subfertile mare management, twin management, and infertility work-ups and treatments for both mares and stallions, as well as laser removal of endometrial cysts in mares.

veterinarian and assistant walking down a barn aisle with bay mare and foal
light brown foal laying down in the sunshine
veterinarian testing a sample in the lab

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