This handsome Friesian stallion was referred to BEMC, where he received aggressive fluid therapy to resolve his colic. 

Fred is a 13- year-old Friesian stallion that had been experiencing mild colic signs, a reduced appetite, and very reduced manure production for two days. He was seen by his regular veterinarian in Washington and then referred to BEMC for further work-up and treatment. Upon presentation, we found that the devastatingly handsome Fred had an extremely firm and sizable large colon impaction. We administered two types of fluid therapy to help it pass. 

In the photos, Fred is receiving continuous enteral fluid therapy in addition to his intravenous (IV) fluids. During this procedure, we place an indwelling tube into his stomach to administer continuous electrolyte solution and add water directly to the GI tract. We used the indwelling tube to administer once-daily doses of Epsom salts, which are powerful laxatives. Enteral fluids are important tools when managing serious impactions. The goal is to turn that hard poop into soup, and in Fabulous Fred’s case, it worked. He made it through his ordeal and is back home with his family.