Do you suspect problems from your horse’s throat to its airway to its lungs? Respiratory videoendoscopy might offer the answer. Endoscopy images your horse’s airways with a video camera and allows us to identify problems, take diagnostic samples, take bacterial cultures, and perform specialty therapeutic procedures (e.g., antibiotic infusions, laser treatments, and other technical interventions). This procedure is essential in diagnosing the cause of chronic respiratory diseases and infections.

Gastroscopy, or video camera imaging of the stomach, is the only way to truly diagnose gastric ulcers and monitor therapy. The 2.5-meter gastroscope is also essential for diagnosing other types of stomach disease (tumors, infections, obstructions, etc.) as well as esophageal diseases (recurrent choke, swallowing problems, tumors, ulcers, etc.). Without endoscopy and diagnostic sampling, an owner may invest a lot of money in unnecessary, inappropriate, and ineffective treatments while delaying appropriate care of their horse. This can negatively impact your horse’s recovery. All forms of endoscopy are minimally invasive.