BEMC’s surgical technology includes two lasers, a Lumenis 25-watt carbon dioxide laser and a Lumenis 50-watt diode surgical laser. Laser surgery advantages include remarkable hemorrhage control, shortened anesthesia times, elimination of general anesthesia in some cases, endoscopic surgical capability, and reduction in postoperative pain.

Laser surgery is particularly well-suited for removal of cutaneous neoplasms (skin tumors), including sarcoids and melanomas. Coagulation and thermal necrosis of the tumor bed destroy cancer cells invisible to the eye and reduce the chance of reoccurrence.

Other laser surgery indications include uterine endometrial cyst ablation, palmar digital neurectomy (“nerving”), epiglottic entrapment, certain types of arytenoid chondritis and ethmoid hematomas, and vocal cordectomy for horses with laryngeal hemiplegia.