Crooked River Ranch Barn Days

Save on your farm-call fee when you schedule an appointment with Dr. Sabrina Cooper during her regularly scheduled visits to Crooked River Ranch.
Dr. Sabrina Cooper

Dr. Sabrina Cooper is visiting Crooked River Ranch clients on regularly scheduled days throughout the year. Because she’s already in the area for mobile services, we can offer a reduced farm-call fee of $40 on these “Crooked River Ranch Barn Days.”

While in the field, Dr. Cooper can offer health screenings, lameness exams, dentistry, vaccinations, sheath cleanings, bloodwork, and Coggins (EIA) testing for your horses. She can also provide chiropractic care! And remember, if you can have a total of five dentals at one location, you qualify for our Barn Cay Dental Discounts as well.

To learn more and get a current schedule, please contact the clinic at or (541) 388-4006.

Veterinarian Performs Dental Float on a Horse

Winter Dental Special!

Get $40 off per horse for all dental exams with equilibrations / floats performed at the clinic through the end of February 2024.

The appointment includes a head-to-hoof wellness exam, comprehensive oral exam, and nutritional consultation. (Our average dental exam and treatment cost is $168, plus an office visit charge and sedation.) Discount is available for haul-in appointments only.

Please schedule now to reserve your appointment by emailing or calling the clinic at (541) 388-4006.

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