We understand making financial decisions can be difficult, especially when your horse is experiencing an acute illness or veterinary emergency. We also know firsthand that making care decisions quickly can often improve treatment outcomes. While we’re unable to extend credit to our clients, we want to share information about options horse owners can consider to lessen the burden of unexpected veterinary costs. 

Major Medical, Illness and Injury, Colic, and Surgery Insurance 

We find equine insurance is an excellent choice for keeping care within financial reach. Horse owners with mortality insurance on their animals can often add additional coverage for costs associated with diagnostics and treatments for illness, injury, and lameness. Surgical and colic policies can also ease the stress of making lifesaving decisions under pressure.  

Two popular equine insurance companies we’re familiar with include Markel Insurance and Great American Insurance Group. Talk to an equine insurance broker to discover what options might be available for your horses. A quick search online can help you find agents serving Oregon horse owners. Or ask for referrals from your trainers, barn mates, and fellow horse owners. 

Additional Colic Coverage From Nutrition Companies 

Platinum Performance and SmartPak both offer colic surgery coverage for horses fed specific supplements, receiving routine veterinary care, and enrolled in their programs.  

  • Platinum Colic Coverage combines routine wellness services with Platinum Performance nutrition products for a healthier horse and peace of mind. If your horse needs colic surgery, this complimentary program reimburses related surgery costs up to $10,000. We recommend and offer Platinum Performance products for purchase at the clinic. 
  • SmartPak’s ColicCare is a free program that provides up to $15,000 for colic surgery reimbursement for enrolled horses. It’s available for horses of all ages, and owners can use it in conjunction with existing insurance. 

Restrictions apply. Please contact Platinum Performance and SmartPak for additional program information. 


We accept Visa or Mastercard payments for all services, prescriptions, and products. We also encourage you to keep a credit card on file with care directives for your animals in case an emergency occurs at a time when you’re unavailable. Don’t hesitate to contact our front office for assistance linking your credit card and care directives to your horses’ records. Our front office team is happy to help! 


We have CareCredit applications available for owners requiring emergency financing to cover veterinary costs, or click here to apply online. CareCredit offers credit limits up to $25,000—subject to approval—and makes account representatives available 24 hours a day for application review and approval. The company also offers varying promotional periods with 0% interest; CareCredit defers the interest during this period, meaning horse owners owe the entire back interest balance if the account balance isn’t paid in full by the end of the promotion. 

Preventive Care is an Investment in Your Horse’s Health 

We know our beloved animals all get older and might require additional care as they age. And emergencies happen to even the most carefully managed horses. However, regular wellness exams and preventive care, including vaccinations, can mitigate horses’ infectious disease risk and help us identify and manage many conditions before they cascade into more significant and expensive health issues. Additionally, early veterinary intervention for injuries and illnesses—ranging from lacerations to eye wounds to colic—can minimize costs throughout treatment. Therefore, we recommend maintaining a consistent wellness schedule and contacting us early if your horse is sick or injured.   

And, as always, thank you for entrusting us with your horses’ care.