We value education, mentorship, and collaboration and are committed to making our profession sustainable for the future. Because of this, Bend Equine Medical Center offers a robust equine veterinary internship program for new veterinarians seeking to deepen their equine practice knowledge and skillset.  

Upon graduation from veterinary school, new veterinarians can opt to enter veterinary internships. Although not required, these yearlong programs are designed to offer mentorship and advance clinical experience. Interns have already completed veterinary school, hold a DVM (or equivalent graduate degree), and are licensed to practice veterinary medicine. 

About Our Veterinary Internship Program 

Bend Equine Medical Center’s internship offers a breadth of hands-on practice, including surgery, sports medicine, emergency medicine, theriogenology and neonatology, and acupuncture and chiropractic care. Our internships include ambulatory and in-hospital experience. 

Our region is home to a robust and diverse equine population ranging from western performance to dressage and hunter-jumper to endurance to recreational horses. Our clients are devoted to their horses, allowing us to practice veterinary medicine with a high level of care using appropriate diagnostics and hospitalization when needed. The variety of horses and our clientele’s desire for high-quality care make for a rewarding professional experience.  

Our support staff is talented and supportive, and our hospital environment encourages frequent case discussions, collaboration, and excellent customer service/client relations.  

Our interns can largely customize their time in the program to suit their educational and professional goals. Small ruminant experience is also available if desired. Our clinicians include American College of Veterinary Surgery and American College of Veterinary Medicine diplomates. 

Equine Veterinary Internship Opportunities and Duties 

Interns assist our doctors in examinations, diagnostics, and treatments. Collaborating with our senior veterinarians, our interns also help with emergency services, hospitalized case oversight, client communications, patient medical records maintenance, and treatment schedule implementation. They are involved in the emergency call rotation and also see appropriate primary care cases during business hours toward the end of their program. Once they demonstrate a suitable knowledge base and aptitude, they get the opportunity to scrub into surgeries, have primary general anesthesia responsibility, perform joint injections, etc. 

We provide a high level of mentoring while also allowing our interns to stretch their wings in a supportive environment. As a result, our interns have gone on to surgery, radiology, and internal medicine residencies and have joined high-quality private practices. This internship will prepare you for either pathway.  

We have overnight support staff who are primarily responsible for the treatment of hospitalized patients. 

Additional Information About Our Internship Program 

We offer on-site housing in a nicely maintained home, including utilities, Wi-Fi, etc. Interns are given time off and with all expenses paid to attend a national-level continuing education course. We also provide health insurance and American Veterinary Medical Association liability insurance(not disability). 

Prerequisite Application Process 

Prospective interns are strongly encouraged to perform an externship of at least two weeks with us to ensure a mutually beneficial fit. Please submit a letter of intent, CV, three letters of recommendation, transcripts (veterinary school only), and our internship application form 

Please contact us for more information.