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  • "To all of BEMC, My mares and I are so lucky to have you in our lives. Keeping them healthy and answering my endless questions is more important to me than I can say. Thank you!"


  • "Thanks so much for taking such good care of Shasta this weekend. Dr. Evans and Erica are very professional and did a fantastic job taking care of him. You all also did a fantastic job of reassuring his anxious owners and that helped a lot. We just wanted to let you know that we really appreciate all you did. Thanks again"


  • "Bend Equine is the greatest professional horse care group I know. I admire how much you know and really care."


  • "Dr. Findley, You are the most caring, compassionate person I've ever known. It will all come back to you some day. You will always have a special place in my heart for saving Indy."


  • "Thank you all for saving Elvis, by reacting so quickly with his surgery and for the wonderful care and attention you gave to him and us! Dr. Krebs, your surgery was quick and effective and Dr. Masterson, your immediate attention to his condition truly saved Elvis! We appreciate all you did for Elvis and he thanks you too!!"


  • "Dr. Evans, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! so very much for the card and the lovely heart made of Alina's tail. It is treasured and a wonderful memory! Another sincere thank you to Dr. Evans and crew for caring for us as well as Alina that Wednesday morning - it meant so much."


  • "Dr. Krebs, Through yours and your staff's help, Avalon's quality of life has been improved...again. She will thank us later when she feels better but my thanks will go on for years. This horse is special in my life and with your help, her senior years will remain peaceful".


  • "Dr. Findley, Just wanted to let you know how much our Donkey Club enjoyed having you as a speaker at our March meeting. What you and your fellow volunteers are doing to help care for and educate the horses and donkeys and their owners in Peru and Mexico is so admirable."


  • "Dr. Evans, thank you for all that you did for Jazz. You are one of the most kind doctors I have ever met. Thank you very much for all your help."


  • "Dear Wendy, Thank you so much for being such an important part of "team" Thiele. I thought the whole procedure went off so well. Thank you for becoming involved with the sanctuary and devoting your time and expertise. Thank you also for the beautiful memory of Oli. You are amazing".


  • "Dr. Findley, Thank you so much for the amazing care you gave my mare Cayenne. I am so thankful that she was still here with us and under your care. You made a very painful and difficult time for us become a peaceful memory. Thank you."


  • "Drs. Wayne, Jessie, Shannon, and Carol and Ashley, Thank you so much for your quick diagnoses and loving and professional handling of Kieffer yesterday and the day before. Wayne, you were there for his prepurchase over 14 years ago and you were there yesterday. I hope that wherever his is he'll continue to be a wonderful being, as well as a butthead :), gather new loves, but save room for me in his heart"


  • "Dr. Evans, words cannot express our appreciation, not only for Kaboom...Buddy has done the best he ever has following dental work! It is obvious how deeply you care"


  • "Thank you for the thoughtful gift of a braided heart made from the tail of our beloved Centurion. It means so very much to us. We are grateful he was in caring and skillful hands at his end time and know that you did all you could to help him."


  • "Dr. Krebs, Thank you for your thorough examination and excellent treatment of Penny. I really appreciated the way you explained everything and let us watch what you were doing. I'm so glad we brought her to you! She is doing great and seems to be healing nicely. Thanks again for going above and beyond".


  • "Dr. Evans, Just wanted to say thank you again for your help with Maverick Saturday evening. It was a pleasure meeting you all and especially nice that Maverick responded so well with you. The stitch work is holding nicely and drainage looks good. Again, I appreciate your help and availability."


  • "Your equine symposium was EXCELLENT! Your venue and food were top notch. The presentations were thorough, informative, and very professional. I especially enjoyed the lab and was amazed at the amount of preparation that went into each of the different stations. I feel I have a better understanding to ensure my horse will have the best hoof to help support her and keep her sound. Thank you."


  • "Wanted to thank you for the wonderful care you gave Avalon and the welcome feeling you all extended to me while I was there. This horse is very special to me and I felt so comfortable with her in your hands. Thank you again for your exceptional care. See you next year."


  • "Dear Dr. Jessica, Thank you for treating my mare Contessa. She is doing well. I am glad you have joined the Bend Equine team. You did a good job and let me ask questions - as many as I wanted! Thank you".


  • "Dr. Krebs, Your kindness and professional expertise to both Lily and I was truly a blessing for both of us and you gave us both hope when no one else could. Thanks for having faith in her and giving her the second chance that she deserved."


  • "Our heartfelt thanks to all of you at BEMC! We so much appreciate your skills, talents, and kindnesses. You are a class act!"


  • "Dr. Evans, Thank you very much for discovering those pesky maggots that were hatching in my sheath and chewing on me! They were very irritating and my people, thinking I had colic, were starving me! Thanks to you, I feel good now. You are the best!!"


  • "Dear Dr. Schmotzer, Dr. Krebs, and all the wonderful support group, See what you have done!!! Luna is well and sound (I think). We are up to 10 miles a ride 4-5 times a week in the mountains and on the flat lands. She is doing very well. Thank you for all your efforts to get her to this stage. Most of all thank you for not giving up hope for her recovery even when I had done so. During her almost 2 year lay up I had forgotten what a fun horse she is to ride. I have my wonderful trail horse back. Thank you all and God Bless".


  • "I am so extremely thankful to all of you who took such wonderful care of Jazz. I am happy to report she is doing well and seems to be feeling like a young, frisky thoroughbred should! I know without your expert knowledge and excellent treatment, this wonderful horse may not be here today. I cannot thank you enough!"


  • "Dear Dr. Krebs and Dr. Findley, Mary, Wendy and I wish to express our profound thanks to you both for not only your excellent professional expertise in our hour of need, but especially for your extra personal efforts to minimize our anxiety in the final hours of like of our friend Tate. He and Mary jumped many a hurdle over the past 25 years providing us all with many a fond memory. Making that final decision was of course the hardest hurdle of all; compounded by the fact that Mary was so far away. Shannon responded immediately by driving 40 minutes across town at night; providing all of the necessary professional data and option s for us to take the next step returning to your facility for further tests. Shannon, we would never have gotten Tate in the trailer without you! Wendy, it meant so much to Mary for you to have packed up your newborn baby, carting him down to the office at 11:00pm just to confirm Shannon's diagnosis. How does one adequately say thanks for such caring dedication? You are both wonderful! Things could have gone so wrong had you both not made that extra personal effort. You were our guardian angels that night, and none of us will ever forget. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts."


  • "Wendy and staff, Thank you so much for taking such good care of our Linky. He is very lucky to have you and so are we."


  • "We are destined to go as far in life as the will in our hearts and the strength of our spirits can take us. Thank you for getting us there, being who you are".


  • "Dr. Evans, Thank you for the great care you and everyone from Bend Equine have given Chloe!"


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