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Continuing Education

The veterinarians and staff of BEMC are dedicated to client education, and believe that an educated client has the capacity to make the best health care decisions for their horses. To further this goal, we offer annual client continuing education meetings in late winter.

Client Continuing Education:


We have reorganized our continuing education program to hopefully reach more of you on the information you want by putting on a series of one hour lectures at Bend Equine Medical Center.  We will provide refreshments and a tour of the facility in addition to the lecture/demonstration. 


Wednesday November 8, 2017 - Equine and Small Animal Insurance

An overview on why, how, and with whom to insure your animals - Thank you to those who attended!


Wednesday December 13, 2017 - HOLIDAY PARTY! Oh, and Equine Winter Health Issues...

Dr. Beau Green and Dr. Alanna Farrell will be discussing equine winter health - common problems and the best way to help your horses weather the winter months with ease. AND A HOLIDAY PARTY!!!! - Thank you to those who attended.


Wednesday January 10, 2018 - Elephant Equitarian Trip

Dr. Findley will share her adventures from her latest equitarian trip to Sri Lanka where she provided veterinary care to elephants!

Facility Tour to begin at 6:30pm, Discussion provided by Dr. Findley at 7pm


Wednesday February 7, 2018 - Emergency and First Aid for Horses and Small Animals

When to call the vet and what to do before the vet arrives.

Facility Tour to begin at 6:30pm, Lecture provided by Dr. Jessie Evans at 7pm

Wednesday March 7, 2018 - Small Animal Gastrointestinal Troubles

Common diseases we encounter at our practice, what you can do for mild GI disturbances, and when to call your vet.

Facility Tour to begin at 6:30pm, Lecture provided by Dr. Liz Pollak at 7pm


Refreshments provided at each session! $15 to attend, free for all youth group members such as 4-H & Pony Club.  Please email ( or call (541-388-4006) to let us know if you plan to attend.


Video for Client Education

Internship and Externship Programs

BEMC offers a 12 month post-graduate internship program in equine medicine, surgery, reproduction, and dentistry. This is a highly competitive position, and potential applicants are strongly encouraged to complete an externship at our clinic prior to application. Please see our listing on the AAEP Avenues website for details on our program and requirements for application. Upon request (phone or e-mail), we will send you a packet that further details our internship program. We offer on-site housing for our interns.  Click here for the BEMC Internship Application Form.

BEMC offers year round externship programs to equine track veterinary students. Please see our listing on the AAEP Avenues website for details and requirements for application and scheduling. Upon request (phone or e-mail), we will send you a packet that further details our externship program. We offer on-site housing for our externs.

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